10 Tips to Follow to Improve Your SEO in 2021 / 2022

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SEO Improvements to Make in 2021 / 2022

Approaching SEO today is very different than what you read in a lot of blogs or websites. The fundamentals have never been more important because Google ranks sites based off relevance! Not spamming keywords, poorly put together sentences without any creativity whatsoever–just good old fashioned clean content and quality linking structure will get your business noticed by potential customers searching online while they’re looking around at all the other businesses that are already out there making their decision easier for them to make by comparing brands side-by-side with detailed information about each one so we can help lead people straight towards our own product which makes us number 1 forevermore.

In a world where the SEO game has changed drastically, it’s no wonder that many people want to go straight for Google number ones. This is not always best though as there are some topics and keywords where you might just be waiting years before finally getting those top 10 positions with your miracle keyword – which will send more clients or visitors needed towards your website!

The tips below will help you get started with SEO before hiring an expert like myself.

1: Content is power in SEO

You need original content that is in line with your business or website’s theme if you want to rank high on Google. Junk words and things glued together won’t only result in low rankings, but also spammy bots and bad user experience for visitors who come across them! Make sure each page has at least 500 Governors-approved characters so people can find what they’re looking for easily—and don’t forget about promoting the articles based off this idea too – it’ll help get more traffic which means better results overall

2: Do not copy anything!

The internet is unfortunately not immune to plagiarism. People are oftentimes confused when they find out that their site has been blacklisted, but the solution for this problem isn’t as difficult or impossible – all you need do is order get back on track with Google again after being removed from the search engine listings page (SERPs), which will happen if quality original content can be produced!

3: Google Business

I think in the last 3 years you will find that google business is a vital part of SEO and getting your website or business showing not only for people searching on maps etc but because people can leave reviews and rank your website higher as your website is linked through from Google Business aka a backlink from the best! So make sure Google Business is up and running, here I work with a lot of clients in getting their google business page set up so they can SEO and rank their website better and get more visits to their websites.

4: Get an SEO professional and not some budget foreign company!

A lot of people go to budget companies expecting miracles and actually paying to have their site badly managed, messed up with a lot of languages, and spelling mistakes… Even if you may see an increase in Rankings you could have probably done this yourself and at least in the end the visitors would have stayed on your website and may be given you business, its vital to keep your website as professional and clean as possible before getting rankings for SEO on Google, etc… as I say… quality before quantity… you could have 50 keywords ranking with no incoming business because of the state of your website while your competitor has 3 high ranking keywords and is overwhelmed.

5: How much should you pay for SEO?

SEO is in my eyes based on the client’s website size and location they are targeting. A smaller hairdresser company needing SEO for her little local town is a lot less competition to someone in a major city such as London or Bristol so be sure to make sure you are not getting overpriced on your projects. Personally, I charge anything from £50pm for very basic SEO to £500pm for much more advanced with a time limit of 6 months to see a difference and that’s not including backlinks!

6: How long does SEO take?

SEO is an ongoing procedure online today due to the amount of competition with millions of new sites going live yearly, but ideally depending on the size of the website an improvement in rankings can take anything from 3 months to 2 years, and in some cases, if the SEO professional is good at what he or she does then you can even see improvements from day one… Personally, I give all my clients 6 months to maximize their potential and really get them on the road to a good sustainable business. I would suggest having a business such as SEOINGRAM on a monthly payment plan so your website is managed, designed with clean templates or custom design, cloud-hosted, and search engine optimized monthly for the lifespan of that website, not only will you have more time to focus on the business it’s self but you will find yourself less stressed about online issues and or website problems.

7: Are backlinks needed?

Yes but it is extremely cost worthy and in most cases, unless done correctly will not have any effect on your website, backlinks are mostly paid today and 1 good relevant link for SEO can cost anywhere between £200 / £500, and it’s not even guaranteed it will stay there forever if that site decides to take it down after a certain condition or time frame. I personally attack SEO in a different approach and those looking for backlinks I quote on depending on their business or keyword but most of my clients are happy with their results without even needing to build backlinks because in most cases backlinks will be created naturally online with time and good content.

8: Does speed matter for SEO?

I have personally noticed over the past 5 years with 90% of visits coming from Phones or Tablets that the speed of the website is a must-have! Your website needs to be clean, well coded, images improved and optimized, and much more! I have recently upgraded my own server and now run cloud hosting services for my clients to ensure that not only do they have the best hosting offered but the fastest and most secure out there! Be sure your website is mobile-friendly too and optimized for mobiles alone! this will drastically improve your website’s speed if done correctly and rank you much higher than others on Google and other search engines.

9: What is a good CMS (content management system) to build a website that helps improve SEO?

Over 64 million websites are made through WordPress today as it’s free to use and most hosting providers help set it up with a click of a button, WordPress is not only fast and great for SEO but also very easy for clients to update their own text and photos at a click of a few buttons without needing to know how to code or run a website, I teach all my clients how to update their websites free of charge using my own drag and drop website builder which is specifically designed to improve SEO and rankings without having a negative effect on the sites score online.

10: Where do I start my SEO journey?

I hope you liked the above tips for improving your SEO and for any questions on SEO, hosting, domain names, or website design be sure to get in touch and I would be more than happy to personally reply to your email and give any advice or services to help you get started, a lot of my clients have been with me for over 10 years and have seen not only huge improvements to their business but are happy to have me on hand 24/7 to help and improve future projects or events sometimes with little free bonuses such as full website revamps!

Email: contact@seoingram.host

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