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Boost Your Online Presence with Premium Website Hosting, Design, and SEO Services

Experience Reliable and Affordable Website Hosting with SEOINGRAM

Enhance your digital footprint and attract more visitors to your site with SEOINGRAM’s professional SEO, web design, and hosting services. Leveraging 17 years of expertise, SEOINGRAM delivers all-inclusive website packages, rapid cloud hosting, and superior WordPress and web design solutions.

Every package comes with our dedicated web maintenance services, encompassing frequent updates and backups to guarantee your website operates seamlessly and effectively.

All run off lightspeed cloud hosting!

Explore My Pre-Made Website Gallery: Instant Inspiration Awaits

Dive into our curated collection of pre-made websites and experience the quality and diversity of SEOINGRAM’s design capabilities in real-time. Without any commitment to purchase, browse through various industry-specific templates that showcase innovative design, functionality, and SEO optimization. Each site is a testament to our commitment to excellence and provides a glimpse into how we can transform your digital presence. Get inspired, find your perfect fit, and envision your business’s future with SEOINGRAM.

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Organic Store Website
Coffee Shop Website
Yoga Website
Martial Arts Website
Food Truck Website
Life Coach Website
Prices that even beat the bigger companies like godaddy!


Our pricing is not only cheaper than major competitors like GoDaddy but also delivers unparalleled value for your investment, including freelancer support hours for immediate resolutions and updates, ensuring you won’t have to endure phone calls or wait times for assistance or enhancements.


Essential Cloud Hosting Package


For Small Sites or 1 Page Websites

Elevate Your Web Presence: Our Essential Cloud Hosting Package offers a foundational solution at just €4.92/month. With 5GB of premium SSD storage leveraging RAID 10 technology, you’re guaranteed enhanced performance and unbeatable data protection. Enjoy 50GB of monthly bandwidth, ensuring your website handles traffic smoothly. This package also includes 2 dedicated email accounts to streamline your professional communications, all powered by LiteSpeed technology for web hosting speeds that leave Apache in the dust.

Key Features:

  • Premium SSD Storage: 5GB with RAID 10 for superior performance and safety.
  • Generous Bandwidth: 50GB to support your site’s traffic needs.
  • Professional Email Accounts: 1 dedicated accounts for your business.
  • LiteSpeed Web Server: Up to 10x faster hosting speeds.
  • WordPress Optimization: Enhanced efficiency with LiteSpeed caching.
  • Complimentary SSL Certificates: Keep your site secure and user data protected.
  • Global Content Delivery: Cloudflare with Railgun technology for faster delivery.
  • Nightly Backups: Security and peace of mind with our automatic service.
  • cPanel Access: Manage your hosting effortlessly with the leading control panel.

Pro Cloud Hosting - Most Popular


For Small Businesses

Upgrade Your Digital Strategy: The Pro Cloud Hosting, our most popular package at just €9.92/month, doubles down on performance and features. Boasting 10GB of SSD storage with RAID 10, unlimited monthly bandwidth, and 10 professional email accounts, this package is designed to accommodate the growing needs of your business. Powered by LiteSpeed, your website will operate at speeds up to 10x faster than with Apache, supported by LiteSpeed WordPress caching for peak efficiency.

Enhanced Features:

  • Expanded SSD Storage: 10GB with RAID 10 for top-tier performance.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth: Support your growing site without limits.
  • Ample Email Accounts: 5 professional accounts for comprehensive communication.
  • Powered by LiteSpeed: Enjoy unmatched hosting speeds.
  • WordPress Optimization: For speed and efficiency.
  • SSL Security: Free, automatic SSL certificates for your website’s security.
  • Cloudflare with Railgun: Experience faster global content delivery.
  • Complimentary Nightly Backups: For your security and peace of mind.
  • cPanel Management: Effortlessly manage your hosting with the industry leader.

Maximum Cloud Hosting


For Larger Businesses

Maximize Your Online Potential: Our Maximum Cloud Hosting package, at €15.92/month, is the ultimate solution for businesses aiming for the zenith of web performance and security. It includes 50GB of SSD storage with RAID 10, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited email accounts, ensuring you’re well-equipped for any challenge. Like our other packages, it’s powered by LiteSpeed for speeds up to 10x faster than Apache and includes LiteSpeed WordPress caching, free automatic SSL certificates, Cloudflare with Railgun for quick content delivery, and nightly backups for peace of mind.

Ultimate Features:

  • 50GB SSD Storage: With RAID 10 for unmatched performance and security.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth: For handling extensive traffic and data transfer needs.
  • 20 Email Accounts: Cover all your professional communication seamlessly.
  • LiteSpeed Web Server: Superior hosting speeds up to 10x faster than Apache.
  • WordPress Optimization: For the utmost speed and efficiency.
  • Free and Automatic SSL Certificates: Ensuring your website and user data are secure.
  • Cloudflare with Railgun: For accelerated global content delivery.
  • Free Nightly Backups: Offering you security and peace of mind.
  • cPanel Access: The leading web hosting control panel at your fingertips.
Purchase addons once you have chosen a hosting package suited for you

Maximize Your Site's Potential

Unlock the full potential of your website with SEOINGRAM’s exclusive add-on packages. From seamless WordPress setups and comprehensive local SEO strategies to all-encompassing website design services, our add-ons are crafted to elevate your online presence.

Each package is designed to offer specialized enhancements that cater to your unique needs, ensuring your site is secure, optimized, and visually stunning. Invest in our add-on packages for an unmatched value and experience the immediate difference in your site’s performance and appeal.

Full WordPress Website Setup

Jumpstart Your Website: For a one-time fee, we’ll launch your WordPress site to perfection. By selecting a theme tailored to your business from our “Portfolio,” we lay the foundation for your online journey.

Our service includes the installation of essential security plugins and delivery of your login details, ensuring you’re all set from day one. Ideal for those eager to hit the ground running with their domain and hosting.

  • Pay Type: One Time
  • Available On Order: Yes

PRICE: 29.99€

Local SEO / Maintenance / Security

Continuous Online Growth: With our Local SEO / Maintenance / Security addon, SEOINGRAM becomes your dedicated website manager. For a recurring fee, we ensure your site is fast, secure, and smooth.

Our comprehensive service boosts your local SEO from the get-go, with regular enhancements and strategic SEO advice. This package includes local SEO, maintenance, plugin updates, security, speed optimization, monthly SEO PDF reports, and help & support.

  • Pay Type: Recurring
  • Available On Order: Yes

PRICE: 200€

Website Design Full Package

All-Inclusive Design Solution: Choose the Website Design Full Package for a comprehensive one-time setup that covers every aspect of site creation. From website design to content implementation and essential integrations like contact forms and Google Maps, we’ve got you covered.

Plus, enjoy a year of maintenance and updates, with the option for self-editing access. It’s everything you need for a standout website, bundled into one.

  • Pay Type: One Time
  • Available On Order: Yes

PRICE: 999.99€

Our Websites Include Everything You Need for Success Online

High Speed cloud hosting

Get lightning-fast loading speeds for your website with our high-speed cloud hosting. Powered by LiteSpeed Webservers, our hosting is up to 10x faster than competitors like HostGator and Bluehost who use outdated hardware. Keep your visitors on your site longer and improve your online success with our premium hosting services.

high-speed raid 10 ssd storage

Experience lightning-fast data speeds with our high-speed RAID 10 SSD storage. Our SSD’s are the fastest on the market, allowing you to send and receive data at unmatched speeds. Upgrade your hosting with us for a seamless and efficient online experience.

free SSL

Ensure the security of your website with our FREE SSL from SEOINGRAM. Protect your site and give your visitors peace of mind with this essential security feature, included free with all of our hosting plans.

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domain names

Find the perfect domain name for your website with our extensive selection in our cloud-hosted store. Our team is also happy to assist you in finding a unique and memorable name for your site. Explore our options and start building your online presence today.

Free nightly backups

Stay protected against the worst-case scenario with our innovative backup system and free nightly backups. In the event that your website goes down, our system allows for quick recovery and minimal data and time loss. Trust us to keep your website running smoothly and efficiently.


Improve your website’s search engine ranking with our affordable SEO packages. Our team specializes in SEO and maintenance to help you get the most out of your online presence. Don’t miss out on the benefits of top search engine placement – contact us today to get started.

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